Compliance and Obedience


Every day this week has felt like a revelation.  For ease of targeting what interests you, I am going to split this into two parts – a faith piece and a fitness piece.

I have never felt more sure that I am exactly where I am supposed to be.  I am convinced that God’s prompting and my obedience to that prompting are what led me to Chicago, although why He brought me here is beyond my comprehension at the moment.  I love this city and everything about living here so far.  The ease of this whole transition has been nothing short of mind-blowing, even having had positive expectations based on my last move to Charlotte.

I feel like I have been getting spiritual homework a lot lately.  Maybe it’s a certain topic that keeps showing up on my Facebook feed, coming up in conversations with my friends, or popping up in sermons or my reading of the Word.  I just know that I keep seeing it for a reason.  I’ll share that specifically, my lesson lately has to do with dating and relationships, especially boundaries and expectations.  Far smarter people than me have already written extensively on this topic, so I’ll share the links in the event this is also a lesson any of you need to learn!

Getting Ahead Of Yourself

Setting Boundaries

Long-Term Singleness

This piece of scripture has really resonated with me this week as well.  I pray a lot lately.  Whenever I start to worry or have anxiety about something, I pray about it, turn it over to God, and then do the best I can to refuse to worry about it any longer.  Sometimes I feel led to do things that scare me or are uncomfortable.  When that happens, I just acknowledge those feelings, reaffirm my willingness to obey despite them, and pray for the courage to follow through and act.  Obedience and faith are quite a powerful combination!

I am pretty happy with my fitness endeavors this week.  I finished up the first week of my Predator Diet meal plan, and am feeling good about it.  I went to CrossFit three days this week and to Flywheel classes two days this week.

I am starting to feel more comfortable at River North CrossFit.  Friday night’s workout was a great experience for me.  I learned how to do pressing snatch balances for the first time.  I also got a ton of coaching, positive feedback, and motivation from the coach.  The WOD itself was hellish – 7 rounds of 20 push press and 20 overhead squats.  I pushed myself really hard (thanks in part to Alex’s coaching and attention).  In fact, I almost finished the WOD before the 25 minute time cap – I was only 7 reps short!  It was the first time since I moved here that I wasn’t sure my legs would survive the walk back to my apartment after the WOD without collapsing!

I read this article from Breaking Muscle about why it’s good NOT to have goals.  Counter-intuitive to most, but it totally made sense to me.  I don’t really have any specific outcome goals attached to my nutrition coaching.  I basically want to get leaner in a sustainable and healthy way while still being able to train hard and get better.  I don’t have a target body fat percentage or weight in mind.  Let me explain…

82703-Quotes+about+loving+life+quoteWhen I have had outcome goals in the past, like a competition, all of my motivation to train and eat right came from the fear of not being ready when the day arrives.  There was a definitive expiration date on the goal, so to speak.  So after the competition has passed, despite my best intentions, I fell off the wagon.  My motivation for staying on track vanished.  It was impossible for me to just keep doing what I had been doing leading up to the competition, because that would not have been healthy or sustainable…so instead, everything just went out the window.

All of my goals are process-oriented for the time being.  By that, I mean they are broken down into daily and weekly actions that when performed consistently, will eventually get me to my outcome goal.  Since Alli is doing my nutrition, it’s a no-brainer.  As the coach, it is her job to determine if the program is working effectively and to make changes if it is not.  My responsibility as the client is simply to be compliant so that the results are indicative of the program’s effectiveness.  So for me, my goal is 100% meal plan compliance for the foreseeable future.  That also means prepping my meals the night before (even when I’m exhausted) to ensure I can stay on track the next day.

Likewise, for training, my goals are still pretty vague.  If I could sum it up in one statement, it would be: “Become a CrossFit Beast.”  All that really means for me to is to show up and do work consistently, so that I can get stronger, better conditioned, and more skilled (especially at Olympic lifts) over time.  So, for process goals, that translates to going to CrossFit 3-5 days per week, and supplementing CrossFit with some conditioning work (Flywheel).  It also means listening to my body when it comes to rest days and scaling workouts in order to stay healthy and injury-free.

I am also looking at a much longer timeline for my goals.  I am not looking at this through the lens of a “12 Week Challenge” or anything like that.  I am looking at this from the perspective of what I want to become by the end of this year.  A full year.  No pressure to do anything drastic just to meet some arbitrary timeline.  No beating myself up if after 3 months I am not hitting PR’s in all the major lifts or don’t have washboard abs.

I want to train hard consistently because I have a passion for training, not because I have to burn X number of calories to lose Y number of lbs to get Z target body fat percentage.  I want to eat in a way structured to support optimal health and to fuel my training and recovery because that’s when I feel my best and most confident.  Those sources of motivation will never change.  They don’t expire.  They just are.

Sometimes, we do the right things for the wrong reasons.  I am guilty of this too.  But I am really trying to focus on doing the right things for the right reasons because I think that is the key to long-term success.



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  1. tabitha says:

    The no-goals post resonated with me; thanks for sharing! We hear a lot that before we can get anywhere, we have to know where we’re going… but when you think about it, not only is that illogical, it defeats the purpose of the unexpected things we learn and encounter along the journey. I’m not into wandering aimlessly, but where’s the fun in knowing the ending before you read the book? And in scientific research, how often is a research hypothesis disproven outright?! It’s one thing to remain focused, but it’s another entirely to put on blinders and completely ignore your surroundings.

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