Starting Over…Again

She WantedI know the internet is already saturated with goal-setting and New Year’s Resolution posts, so I am going to do my best not to go that route.  However, the new year does coincide with a new beginning of a different type for me, so some reflection and goal-setting is natural given the major life change I am about to undergo.

I am moving to Chicago on Sunday.  After spending 26 years of my life in Phoenix, I moved to Charlotte a year and a half ago, and now I am relocating again to Chicago.  I had hoped to settle down in Charlotte when I first moved here, but things just didn’t work out that way, and the universe conspired to draw me to another new place.

2013 was all about experiencing new things and getting out of my comfort zone.  I competed in bikini for the first time, I started CrossFit and then competed in CrossFit, I ran my first obstacle race and my first mud race, I tried paleo eating, I worked with a new coach, and I went to Ireland.  The year was mostly about fun, which is exactly what I needed.

I feel that 2014 will be quite different.  I think that this year will be more about commitment and getting serious.  Moving to a new place is like having an instant clean slate – I get to build my life from the ground up again.  There are several areas that I want to devote more attention and dedication to:

  1. Faith.  It’s only been a few months since I’ve really reconnected to the spiritual side of life.  It’s time to leave old behaviors and thought patterns behind, and to live a life that glorifies God.  I need to get connected to a new church and get involved.  I also need to focus on obedience and not just doing so when it’s convenient or easy.  There are many things I have been seeking from other people that I really need to be getting from my relationship with God.
  2. CrossFit.  I feel that I have “dabbled” in CrossFit up until now.  No more showing up a couple of times per week when the WOD is something that I like.  If I want to progress, I have to show up consistently and frequently, and I have to do the stuff I hate and am not very good at.  I need to find a CrossFit gym in Chicago and make showing up non-negotiable.  If that means going in blind to every WOD so I don’t have the opportunity to talk myself out of going because of what’s programmed (ahem, Turkish get-ups), then so be it.  I also need to start journaling my workouts again so I can objectively measure my performance and progress.
  3. Paleo.  My eating has been pretty much terrible for the past couple of months, and there are consequences to that.  I’m softer, I’m weaker, I’m less conditioned, and I feel like crap.  Paleo is the nutritional approach that makes me feel the best (although I use more of an athlete’s version of paleo, which allows for higher carb intake to help fuel performance and recovery).  I also need to start logging my daily food intake again.
  4. Finances.  No more buying everything and anything I want.  No more frivolous spending.  It’s time to get serious about saving money, whether that’s for a car, a house, or something else entirely.  I may not have any debt, but I also don’t really have much for savings.  I need to ask myself if I really need something before purchasing it.  I gave away 6 trash bags of clothing and shoes to Goodwill this week, many of which are things I bought and never wore once.  The cost of living in downtown Chicago is significantly higher than what I am accustomed to, so I need to be more cognizant about my finances and how I spend my money.
  5. Service.  I have felt called to volunteer and serve others, but I have procrastinated or found smaller, easier ways to do so (i.e. donating blood).  I need to participate in community service activities with my church, and I also plan to begin volunteering at the Anti Cruelty Society (animal shelter) that is only a 10 minute walk from my apartment.

Don'tThe by-product of all of the above goals is that they create incredible opportunities to meet new and like-minded people in Chicago.  CrossFit, church, and volunteering should keep me pretty busy, but I also plan to join a MeetUp group or two (I am leaning toward book clubs at the moment) to round things out.  I really don’t want my social life to revolve around the Chicago bar scene.

Having a plan like the one above keeps me from totally panicking about making such a big change.  Moving to a new place isn’t easy and it can be quite scary and lonely at times.  I will miss my friends in Charlotte tremendously, but am confident that many of those friendships will survive the distance.  I do know a couple of people in Chicago, so that’s a nice perk to this relocation that I didn’t have last time.  I will finally get to meet my blog friend, Electra of ElectraFi, in person, so I am super pumped about that!

Anyway, I wouldn’t say that any of the above can necessarily be classifed as “resolutions,” but I do definitely have some areas of focus and a plan in place for my upcoming transition.  That also means that hopefully I will have lots to blog about when it comes to CrossFit and paleo in the coming months!

Off to my next adventure!



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