Life and Crappy Oreos

oreosHumor me with this health food analogy that really has nothing to with health…

As someone who has been a mostly healthy eater for quite some time, I have had the experience that most people do at some point, which is the transition from the full fat, rich, tasty version of something to the low-fat, sugar-free, reduced-calorie crappy version of something.

At first, you are so accustomed to the deliciousness of the unhealthy version that when you try the “healthy” version for the first time, you are very aware of how short it falls of the real thing.  However, over time, you begin to forget about how good the real Oreo tastes because you have been eating the “healthy” Oreos for so long.  At some point, the “healthy” Oreo even begins to actually taste good to you.  You think you are getting a treat.  You are no longer cognizant of what you are missing out on by not eating the real Oreo.  You think you can get along just fine in life without ever eating a real Oreo again.  Your mind has duped you into thinking you are having an indulgence even though it is a crappy version of the real thing (and not actually healthy for you, but that could be its own blog post altogether).

And then, one night, you are faced with a real Oreo.  And you decide to eat it, for whatever reason.  And suddenly, you remember how much more incredibly tasty the real Oreo is than those “healthy” Oreos you have been settling for.  And you wonder how you ever were satisfied eating crappy Oreos for so long.  Are you really better off eating “healthy” Oreos day in and day out, but never being satisfied, or would you be better served by occasionally indulging in the real thing for special circumstances and getting complete satisfaction?

Okay, this post is not really about Oreos or healthy eating.  This post is about life.  Stop settling for crappy Oreos.  Stop duping yourself into thinking you aren’t missing out on anything by accepting mediocrity because you can have it daily and because you have forgotten what the real thing tastes like.  Demand excellence from yourself and from others.  Maybe it will require more patience and self-control on your part, but know that you deserve more than a reduced sugar, low-fat, gluten-free existence.  You deserve every bite of the 5 course meal that life can give you if you are unwilling to settle for anything less.


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  1. Kenton says:

    Again you hit it right on the head. Great post about life and how to live it. Check out the movie “the way” with Martin Sheen. Also life changing. Like a double stuff Oreo 🙂

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