Choose Your Own Adventure


Time to fess up – I haven’t really been writing much about training for the past couple of weeks because, well, I haven’t really been doing much training during that time.  I was on vacation in Ireland for about a week, and although I did a lot of walking, I didn’t do any training.  I also drank more than my fair share of Guinness and tried as much traditional Irish food as possible.

Ireland was amazing.  It is so refreshing to take yourself out of your day-to-day life and insert yourself into a totally different world, which is how it felt.  The country is beautiful, the people are awesome, the culture is fascinating, and the history is so rich.  I think that maybe what was most liberating of all was shedding the trappings of how I usually define myself.  I wasn’t a Disability Consultant.  I wasn’t a CrossFitter or bikini competitor.  I was just me – stripped of titles and labels.  And despite that, I still made meaningful connections with complete strangers.  I could just be.  And still be accepted.  Kind of a novel idea for me…

The other big news that I foreshadowed in my last post is that I am moving to Chicago in January.  I accepted a new position with my current company, so off I go on another adventure in a new city!  I am going to miss Charlotte a lot.  The relationships I’ve cultivated over the past year and a half here are incredible.  I am heartbroken about leaving behind so many people that I care about.  I am also fearful that my second time moving to a new city won’t be as successful as the first.  Do I have it in me to start over from scratch again?  I think I do.  I know it will have its difficult moments, just like my move to Charlotte did.  But I feel very strongly that there is a purpose behind my move to Chicago and that great things will come from it – professionally, personally, and spiritually.

I have fear.  I have anxiety.  I have excitement.  I have sadness.  I have hope.  I have confidence (most of the time).  I have faith.  Whatever the future holds, I can handle it.  And it will be brilliant.

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