Competition Diary – 2 Weeks Out

This was definitely the toughest week so far.  I was hungry pretty much all of the time, every day.  I couldn’t stop thinking about Snickers bars!  It really felt as though each day was a battle to make it through the entire day and stick to my meal plan.  The thought crossed my mind more than once, “Why I am doing this again?!”

I only have 2 weeks left, so you would think that being so close would make it easier to stick to my competition prep plan, but I think it actually is the opposite.  I am part of a competitor group on Facebook and reached out for some support to keep me on track.  One response in particular really resonated with me:

Totally, totally normal. Chances are you felt this same way last time but don’t remember it.  This is how I like to explain it…have you ever watched the finish line of a marathon?  They have a great stride right up until the see the finish line.  Then their knees buckle, their legs start to give up.  They didn’t just magically get tired out of nowhere, they saw the finish line and their brain said “Sweet!  We’re done!”  That’s what you’re going through.  2 weeks out, you can see the finish line. (Robin Romero of Prissy Sassy Fitness)

I think that’s spot on!  I’ve already been in prep for 13 weeks, and according to my coach, I’ve been “competition ready” for weeks now.  I am ready to be done.  Not just in terms of dieting, but I’m ready to finally get to enjoy the day of the show, getting all dolled up, take pictures, see friends and family, and strut my stuff on stage.  I talked to my coach about my hunger, cravings, etc. and guess what – although I’m two weeks out, I got a cheat meal last night!  If you want to get weird looks from strangers, just walk into a Coldstone Creamery in your gym clothes (for me this was knee-high socks, spandex shorts, and a tank) and order a grapefruit-sized ball of ice cream.  Ha!  I can only imagine what the patrons were thinking.  Here are progress pictures from this morning:

005 001

I do have some anxiety about the final 2 weeks.  I unfortunately have a ton of business travel.  I will be in Boston for a conference Tuesday – Friday, I will be in New Jersey on Sunday and Monday, then on Wednesday, I fly back to Phoenix.  Then Friday is…prejudging!  I’m going to have to plan and prep meticulously to stay on track through all of the travel and find a way to get all of my workouts in, but I know I can do it.

Since my last post, I have been taking small steps toward living “louder.”  I adore obnoxious neon colored workout clothes and shoes.  I also love wearing knee-high socks with my Lululemon shorts, not just because they protect my shins when I’m deadlifting, but because I love the look!  However, no one at my gym wears them, so I have always been too timid to wear them because I didn’t want people to think I was weird.  Well, who the eff cares!  I’ve been rocking my attention-getting neons and my super hero knee highs to the gym and loving it!  I also think I’ve finally reached a point in my posing practice that I am over being self-conscious and worrying about looking stupid.  And you know what, my posing has improved dramatically!  Here’s a video from my practice last week.

I’ve got an upper body workout and then track sprints a little bit later this afternoon, but I can’t wait to train now that my energy levels are back up from last night’s cheat meal!  Bring on the final 2 weeks, I’m ready!




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  1. Mindy Irish says:

    Great post and pics! You look fabulous!! I say keep being you, keep being an original! What comp group are you in? I love support groups!!

    1. kaykayla85 says:

      Thanks, Mindy! I’ll have to add you because it’s a closed group. I’ll do that now 🙂

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