Hypershred Challenge and My Triumphant Return to the Stage (maybe)

I’m going to preface this post by saying it is early.  5:42 AM when I am starting this post.  On a Sunday.  Why am I up so early?  Because it’s part of the routine I’ve created to help me be successful in my new set of goals.

Goal one is – drum roll, please…

Complete the BSN Hypershred Challenge from Bodybuilding.com!

I will confess to having started a couple of these transformation contests, but never finishing them.  I actually signed up for one when I started training for the competition, but got so focused (and stressed out) on the show that I didn’t ever finish my entry.  It’s already in the mid to high 70’s here, which means summer is right around the corner, so I really just want to get super lean for myself to feel comfortable/confident at the pool.  I think that having a competitive goal that is completely based on me achieving my ideal body will be a nice break from training to have the ideal body from a judge’s perspective.  Winning the contest would be icing on the cake.  Plus, one of my secret dreams is to eventually become a sponsored athlete and dabble in fitness modeling, so I can’t think of a better set of prizes to help me get there.

Because I am aware of my history of quitting these things in the middle, I enlisted a good friend, Heather Morrow, with similar (non-competition related) goals to do the challenge with me.  There is nothing like a bit of healthy competition to keep the fire lit.  Although I train for myself, there are absolutely days where I need an extra nudge to get going, and thinking about what Heather is doing and how hard she is working will help me get through those rough days.  I think we have at least one or two others who are joining as well.  We are planning to do regular check-ins with each other to make sure we are accountable, stay on track, and see this thing through.  If anyone else is interested in doing the contest and having some support, just let me know!

Goal two is…

Compete in Bikini (tentatively in July).

To be clear, I did not compete in bikini last time – I competed in figure.  Figure requires more muscle mass (especially in the upper body) than bikini does, and bikini tends to have a softer physique than figure (although still lean).  There are a few reasons why I think switching to bikini would be better for me:

I feel my body type is better suited for bikini, and my ideal physique more closely resembles a bikini body than a figure body.  Yes, most girls who compete in bikini have implants, which I clearly do not.  I’ve been told by numerous people, including my trainer, that you can be successful in bikini without them (although I can’t think of a single IFBB Pro Bikini Competitor who doesn’t).  I would like to proudly represent the minority and hopefully be further proof that you can be successful as a bikini competitor without being surgically enhanced.

Another reason is that bikini will force me even further out of my comfort zone.  Figure is pretty straight forward when it comes to posing – quarter turns – and is somewhat mechanical.  Posing in bikini is completely different.  You have to exude confidence and project a bigger stage presence/persona.  Confidence is something that I need to continue to work on, so I think this is a great growing opportunity for me.  In my own mind, I still have a hard time shaking a certain outdated perception of myself as being pigeon-holed as the shy nerdy girl who is only known for being smart.  Bikini bombshell is not in my self-concept.  I write a lot about the imaginary limits we place on ourselves and the misinformed perceptions we have about what is and isn’t possible.  Becoming a bikini competitor is one of those things for me.  I’ve just always felt I’m not the kind of girl who does bikini competitions because that doesn’t fit into my self-concept – not because I don’t want to be, but because I didn’t think I could.  Well, I can.  And I will.  It’s time to prove myself wrong.  Here’s a clip to give you a glimpse of what bikini posing entails.

So, that’s the plan.  I start the BSN Hypershred Challenge today.  I also have some mental skills training that I will be incorporating during the challenge, so more to come on that in a future post!  I haven’t taken my before pictures yet (I need a newspaper for that), but will be doing that later today.  To be perfectly honest, I doubt I will be comfortable posting them on my blog right now.  Maybe a few weeks into the challenge, I will be bold enough to share them!

And, to quote Heather…”it’s on like Donkey Kong!”


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