What’s Different This Time?

I’m five weeks into preparing for my first figure competition with nine weeks left to go until competition day (November 5th).  Competing in figure is something I have wanted to do for at least five years.  I’ve made a few false starts in my past, but never felt that I had the discipline and commitment to do what it took to compete.  Even though I have been into fitness and nutrition since high school, I’ve waxed and waned a lot over the years.  There were periods where I would train twice a day almost every day, and there were periods where I would go weeks or months without stepping foot into the gym at all.  There have been times where I have followed a strict diet and times where I’ve ordered pizza three times a week, hit up happy hour and the bars every weekend, and even went to In-N-Out for breakfast (only once though – following a night of heavy drinking!)

I’ve set many fitness goals for myself over the years, but was only able to stick with a consistent training and eating plan for about two weeks tops before falling off of the wagon.  Overall, I’ve maintained a decent level of fitness for the most part, but never at the level I’ve always wished I was at.  Now, here I am, five weeks into competition preparation, my eyes on the prize, doing things that I never thought I was capable of.  For five weeks, I have been following a meal plan, waking up at 4 AM during the week to train, and hitting the gym six days per week, sometimes twice per day.  I’ve gone out on bar crawls and to parties without having a single drink or bite of bar food.  While I won’t claim it has been easy, what I will say is that it is not nearly as difficult as I thought it would be.  So I find myself wondering, what’s different?  What has changed this time around that is allowing me to remain focused and be successful in achieving this goal?  A month and a half ago, I was the girl who almost always found an excuse for skipping the gym or justification for eating badly – how did I go from that person to who I am now?

That is the primary purpose of this blog – to reflect on the ways I am changing as a person and what strategies are allowing me to be successful this time around despite having failed repeatedly in the past.  I know that many other people are still in the place that I was in just a short time ago – I hope that by sharing my experiences, I can help others find their way! 🙂


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